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ABOVE: One of Hayley's banners at Stevenage railway station

A Stevenage woman is using her own experiences to run a suicide prevention campaign across the town.

Hayley Huttlestone suffered a breakdown in May, but has told BOB fm that she's keen turn that into something positive by helping others.

Hayley's created two huge 6ft x 4ft banners and hand-held cards which she's placed in so-called 'crisis locations' such as train stations and car parks, funding the project herself.

The cards have a poem on one side and a list of helplines and inspirational quotes on the other.

Hayley says the messages are already proving vital: "Back in May, I had a breakdown and shortly after that I was sat in a field thinking how many people could be potentially thinking this way and how could I help them.

"I created a card, had them printed and it's just gone from there. I want the campaign to get bigger and better."

She added: "This has saved three lives already - that I know of. People are taking the cards and messaging me to say 'thank you'. It is making a massive impact."


:: Click HERE for 'The Samaritans' website, call 116 123 or email

:: Childline's website

:: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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