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A number of companies in St Albans have signed up for a discount scheme to raise money for a suicide prevention charity.

The OLLIE Foundation, which works to prevent suicide among young people, has created the OLLIE card to enable customers to get discounts in shops, restaurants and hotels.

The scheme was devised by a group of pupils at Verulam School, led by school governor John Action.

John said: “The OLLIE Foundation is a very important charity and, as a father of teenagers myself, I wanted to ensure that every child or parent is given the right support to prevent the tragedy of young people self harming or ending their lives.

“We came up with the idea of OLLIE cards, whereby the residents in St Albans pay just £20 for a card and they can use it to get discounts in a wide variety of shops, restaurants, pubs and hotels throughout the city.”

Restaurants and pubs taking part include Per Tutti restaurant, Nonno’s Pizza, The Crown, The Jolly Sailor, Abigail’s Tea Rooms, St Michael’s Manor and The Rose and Crown pub.

St Michael’s Manor manager Richard Marrett said: “We strongly believe that, with the support of local businesses and residents of St Albans, OLLIE will continue to grow as a charity to further their reach and achieve their long term goals.”

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