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There's a special premiere at Cineworld in Stevenage today, as the town's schools showcase their very own films about the risks of knife crime.

Hertfordshire Police say 'Operation Edge' raises awareness of the problem and explores the reasons why young people carry them.

The five 'mini-movies' are being shown to an invited audience at a special red-carpet event.

Each film has been assessed by a panel of experts, including TV Actor Kevin Whately, Chief Constable Charlie Hall and Film Composer David Arnold, who will select a winning entry.

It's the brainchild of Neighbourhood Inspector Simon Tabert, who told BOB fm: "This is a great way to get young people to really think about knife crime and the consequences. Instead of a lesson, or the police giving a talk, they got to choose the message and the way it is delivered."

Chief Inspector for Stevenage Alicia Shaw added: "We take the issue of knife crime very seriously in Stevenage and know that we have to find more effective ways to get the message across to young people about the dangers and consequences of choosing to carry a knife."

To accompany these screenings, Stevenage Police created an online questionnaire that will be completed by every secondary school pupil in the town. The aim of the survey is to show how young people in the town are affected by knife crime.


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