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Projects working with some of the county's most vulnerable women and girls are receiving a share of £55,000.

The Hertfordshire Community Foundation's allocated the money from the government's so-called 'Tampon Tax' Fund.

Among the beneficiaries are 'Future Living Hertford', which will be putting on workshops for victims of domestic abuse and St Albans Educational Partnership StEPs will run safety awareness and resilience building programmes for school aged girls.

In addition, development courses to target unemployed and 'economically inactive' women will be put on by North Herts Minority Ethnic Forum.

Helen Gray is HCF Director: "The programme is funding some amazing local interventions which will make a considerable difference to the lives and prospects of Hertfordshire women and girls who need it most.

I don't think people sometimes realise that others in the county are in genuine need, deprivation or crisis. Grants like this have a huge impact and make a very positive different to peoples' lives".

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