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ABOVE: PC Jordan Willett and Michael Buzzacott (Photo: Hertfordshire Constabulary)

A police officer who saved a man's life after he collapsed in Welwyn Garden City, is being praised for his lifesaving actions.

Michael Buzzacott was walking back to his car with his wife in the Campus West car park in February when he collapsed and became unresponsive.

PC Jordan Willett from the Intervention Team attended the scene while the ambulance was en route, and performed CPR until Michael started breathing again.

Michael was placed in a coma at the hospital and awoke a few days later and is now fit and well.

PC Willett said: "I was only a few minutes away when the call was received. As soon as I arrived I could see a crowd gathered around Mr Buzzacott. My instant reaction was to check for signs of life and commence CPR.

"I continued CPR until eventually we got a pulse back. Within 15 minutes he had gone from having no pulse to being able to breathe on his own."

He continued: "I have been very fortunate to meet a man who was effectively deceased when I saw him last. I am happy that I have been able to help him continue to enjoy the rest of his life with no long-lasting effects. It's clear he has a good sense of humour - we were speaking about his recent golfing visit and said 'the only problem is you broke my sternum!'

"It was a pleasure to meet Mr Buzzacott again in better circumstances and I am grateful for his time and efforts to share his story."

Sergeant Barry Eldridge added: "I am very proud of PC Willett's actions on that day. Despite other officers arriving at the scene and offering to take over, PC Willett wouldn't give up and was determined to save Mr Buzzacott.

"All police officers are first aid trained and this is a fine example of the importance of that."

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