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Hertfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd

Hertfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner will today be calling on the government to give him and other PCCs the power to raise extra cash through the council tax.

Conservative David Lloyd is appearing before the Home Affairs Select Committee, alongside several other Commissioners.

He'll put forward the case that police forces need to be able to raise additional revenue in this way, without going to a referendum.

Mr Lloyd says the pressure of what he can deliver with current funding is more stretched than ever: "Currently, we are limited in what we can raise by a cap set by the government. I would like to see PCCs have greater flexibility to set a budget based on the demands of their area.

PCCs are the democratically accountable representatives for policing, and should be able to make a case to local people in order to deliver the police service they expect".

Mr Lloyd continued: "We have seen significant increases in investigations involving complex fraud, other types of cybercrime, child sexual abuse and exploitation, human trafficking and modern slavery and we are dealing with these whilst trying to maintain community policing.

We must ensure that we have the resources available to deliver those services, and this inquiry helps to keep that at the front of our minds".

In a previous interview, the Herts PCC told BOB fm: "If the government allows us to raise council tax, I'll look at that to see whether or not that's a way forward. I certainly don't think £1-a-week for people in a Band D is an unreasonable increase in council tax.

I think many people would be able to afford that and were they to do that, it would make a step change in the type of policing that we could offer".

The committee's inquiry is looking at all aspects of policing, including the funding of forces, and levels of demand. Those sitting on the committee have already heard from the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and the chair of the National Police Chiefs' Council.

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