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Modern slavery will be one of the issues Hertfordshire's new High Sheriff aims to raise the profile of.

It can take many forms, including the trafficking of people and forced labour.

According to Hertfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, more than 100 people have been identified as victims here since 2009, although not all of them had offences committed again them within the county.

Suzy Harvey, who lives near Bishop's Stortford, has just been appointed to the voluntary non-political role of High Sheriff, which dates back to Saxon times. The position takes responsibility in improving engagement with the emergency services, voluntary sector and supporting Royal visits.

She told BOB fm: "It is a major issue and it is considered a 'hidden crime', but one that Hertfordshire Police - I'm pleased to say - are one of the lead Constabularies in the country. Other counties are taking note of how Hertfordshire Police are dealing with it and that is fantastic news.

I want to support them in any way that I can, and if I can do that by raising awareness, that will be fantastic".

The new High Sheriff also wants to promote youth volunteering during her year in the role.

Suzy has run a farming and property business for the last 28-years and has volunteered for Fine Cell Work, a charity that helps with the rehabilitation of prisoners.

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