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Four Hertfordshire adventurers have set out on a 2,000 mile conservation journey across Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.

The team, which will deliver equipment and funds to a number of wildlife projects, is made up of four people from Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne.

Their mission will culminate in the delivery and fitting out of a specialist vehicle to rescue injured animals and help assist anti-poaching patrols in Uganda.

Many animals from Gorillas to Lions, Rhinos and Elephants are badly injured, often by poachers, so the ability to retrieve, care for and rehabilitate is essential. It's estimated 100 African Elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking their ivory, meat & body parts.

Aaron Whitnall is joined by brothers Tyler and Cameron, and family friend Redmond Bolton.

Aaron spoke to us after hours travelling on rough terrain in Rwanda: "We're driving just over 2,000 miles and the last couple of days alone we have had two thirteen hour drives. Today, we were on the road at 7am and we only just arrived at our next hotel at midnight.

"We're filming the incredible work that's taking place to show the work that good zoos are doing to support conservation around the world."

Aaron continued: "At each project, we're leaving a donation of funds and equipment as well. The overall aim of the trip is to raise £25,000 to donate a vehicle to the anti-poaching rangers in Uganda, that work in association with the Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre."

:: Find out more about the Drive4Wildlife HERE

:: Follow their journey on Twitter @Drive4Wildlife and Facebook by searching for 'Drive4Wildlife'


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