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A Hertfordshire adventurer says a 2,000 mile journey across East Africa opened his eyes to the extent that poaching still happens.

Aaron Whitnall was joined by brothers Tyler and Cameron, and family friend Redmond Bolton for the conservation trip to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.

The team from Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne also delivered equipment and funds to a number of wildlife projects.

Many animals from Gorillas to Lions, Rhinos and Elephants are badly injured, often by poachers, so the ability to retrieve, care for and rehabilitate is essential. It's estimated 100 African Elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking their ivory, meat & body parts.

Aaron told BOB fm that there were many elements of the trip that surprised them: "In Tanzania, we met with the 'Canines for Conservation' project. They train dogs to help with the anti-poaching units and to 'sniff out' illegal wildlife contraband at the airports.

"To see the training that the dogs go under and to hear about the success levels that the dogs have was absolutely incredible".

Aaron went on to say that some people he met have changed for the better: "We met a guy who, in his lifetime, has killed 20 elephants, 30 buffallo and other numerous animals - but he is now one of the top conservations and anti-poaching experts in Rwanda, which is absolutely incredible.

"Now that there are sustainable jobs for people, they don't need to accept lump-sum payments to go and kill these animals."

The team from Hertfordshire is now aiming to raise £25,000 to donate a vehicle to the anti-poaching rangers in Uganda, that work in association with the Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre.

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