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A long-running row surrounding access to the main entrance of the new North Hertfordshire Museum in Hitchin looks set to be resolved soon.

That from the District Council after planning and legal wranglings over ownership for part of the site on Brand Street.

Until now, only the ground floor of the new museum has been accessible through the front of the town hall.

Formal approval for the Agreement between the authority and Hitchin Town Hall Limited now has to go to an extraordinary meeting of the Council's cabinet.


Councillor Tony Hunter, NHDC's Executive Member for Community Engagement said: "We are pleased to confirm that the EGM of Hitchin Town Hall Ltd has agreed to the sale of 14/15 Brand Street, with a very minor change to one of the terms of the agreement. 

"Formal approval for the Agreement now has to go to an extraordinary meeting of Cabinet on 20 November, after which we will be in a position to get on with the final fit out and get the Museum open next year."

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