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(ABOVE: Hitchin woman Laura Yates, 30, battled with anorexia between 2004 and 2011)

A woman from Hitchin, who's recovering from an eating disorder, says NHS Hertfordshire's treatments don't offer enough aftercare to prevent patients from relapsing...

Anorexia-sufferer Laura Yates says the support of her parents saved her life.

She told JACK fm: "I would wake up and think about food. The thoughts were always in some way related to food and became an obsession."

Anorexia is an eating disorder and mental health condition which can be life-threatening.

Sufferers try to keep their weight as low as possible, usually by restricting the amount of food they eat.

They often have a distorted image of themselves, thinking that they're fat when they're not.

Some people with the condition also exercise excessively, and some eat a lot of food in a short space of time (binge eating) and then make themselves sick or use laxatives (purging).

The 30 year old added: "If there's a slight thing that throws you out of your routine, it ruins your day. If there is one thing that doesn't allow you to not eat that meal, then that puts you in a bad mood and you just want to cut yourself off from everything and everyone."

"My personality changed. I became more inward, less sociable, less motivated, and more and more consumed by food, exercise and weight loss."

Laura's life was turned upside down when she became ill in 2004, is calling on the county's residents to support a national campaign "Hungry For Change" which is raising awareness, challenging stigmas and desperately needs funding.

AUDIO: Click on the player to hear Laura sharing her story with JACK fm's Bryan Rutherford...

More more information on eating disorders click here, or to find out more about the Hungry For Change campaign, click here.

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