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BOB fm is the radio station for Hertfordshire. 

'You'll hear all sorts of stuff' from our Knebworth Park studios.

Previously we were Jack FM (2010-2014), and before that 'Hertbeat FM' (2001-2010). 

BOB fm is passionate about being local - on FM, online, and via our app - we bring you the news from across the region. Our news team's even won a prestigious 'IRN News Team' Award (yes, meaning we have the number 1 news team).

We've got the largest variety of music than any other station - "all sorts of stuff", as BOB says.  A mixture of stuff from the 60's to today - rock, pop, disco - and some good stuff from the charts.


We broadcast on 106.7 and 106.9 FM in Hertfordshire (if you have an RDS radio in your car it will automatically switch between these when driving).  You can also listen to BOB online, on the Radio Player or on your iPhone, or on your home device (eg Amazon Echo/Google Home).


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