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Welcome to The Sun Lounge, the best place to get a quick tan in Stevenage.

We have Ultra Fast Vertical Sunbeds, an Auto Spray Tan area and sun tan products from Swedish Beauty and CaliforniaTan to improve your tan.

Spray Tan

The California Tan Automated Spray Tan machine uses a patented atomising technology system that ensures the self-tan solution is applied evenly over the entire body.

The tanning solution is polarised before it passes through the four atomising nozzles to create a vapour, which takes on the characteristics of tiny magnets which are attracted to the body's own magnetic field.

This means that no part of the body can be sprayed twice resulting in perfectly even coverage. What's more, the atomised particles are small enough to absorb into the deepest layers of the skin to create a longer lasting colour.

The booth is operator friendly, features a voice command, selfcleaning nozzles, automated drying. in the privacy of your own room.


The synergy between the latest innovative design and comfortability makes the new i8 the ultimate "stand-up" professional solarium that guarantees an absolutely perfect all body tan.

It’s spaciousness enables free movement and the application of 48 Sunfit XXL 200W Premium (2mtr.) lamps ensures an exceptional tan.

The changing cubicle doesn’t only offer privacy while you change but also safe storage for your possessions.

Of course we recommend you take the opportunity to get the perfect all-body tan in the Powertower.

After all that’s what it’s designed for!

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