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Loftcat Home strives to bring a new, exciting shopping experience to the homebuyer through innovative designs on furniture, art and home accessories. Our aim is to continually keep our ranges both current yet unique with a real, noticeable point of difference that will guarantee to have you coming back for more.

Our retail unit is based in the middle of Hertford town centre, where you can find stunning furniture and home accessories on the ground floor, and our newly opened Art and Lighting Gallery on the 1st floor with a fabulous collection of abstract and contemporary paintings at affordable pricing.

With our online shop we hope to entice you with our extensive portfolio of products, and trust that we have created a site that enables you to click away to your hearts’ content with ease and enjoyment.

At Loftcat Home we pride ourselves on continually keeping ahead of the market. Our determination to consistently produce good quality, original furniture and accessories not only keeps us on our toes but also creates great standout and fantastic recommendations, which we believe is why our shop doors are still open!

23-25 Railway Street, Hertford SG14 1BA. Tel. 01992 531200

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